All I want for Christmas…

Dear MSPs

It’s around this time of year that millions of hopeful little people will be writing careful notes to a mystical being in the hope of a Christmas miracle. Thanks to Spokes there is a reasonable chance that you will be at the receiving end of some anguished letters in the next few days too.

Scotland is set to enjoy a small windfall (£213million – peanuts round our way..) thanks to the Barnet Consequentials. I would like that funding spent on something meaningful that will provide a legacy of wealth, health and happiness. Yes, dear MSPs, please spend it on Space for Cycling. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here is a rough guide.

I want to live in a Scotland that invests in our biggest asset: that’s the people of Scotland. Providing communities with the opportunity to travel actively will bring benefits to everyone – a reduction in congestion, better physical and mental health, reduced spending on chronic health conditions caused by inactivity and reduced carbon emissions. Oh yes – and it makes people happy. Just ask my three year old..


So please bring some Christmas cheer to Scotland and ask for the funds to be spent on cycling. If you can’t think what exactly to spend the money on I understand that Sustrans will be able to help you shop around for something perfect to suit every area of Scotland.

You’ll be welcome here for mince pies and sherry if you make my festive wish come true.

Lots of love from a family in Dunbar

2014-01-05 10.07.25-1

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